10 Most Dangerous Poison on Earth that Can Kill in Seconds


Do you know which is the Most Dangerous Poison on Earth?
If not, today we are going to tell you the 10 most dangerous poisons on Earth which can kill a person in a few seconds.
Before knowing about the 10 most dangerous poisons on Earth, we need to know how the poison affects our bodies.
Poison is a substance that is absorbed by chemical reaction through the mucous membrane of our skin, tissue or our blood circulation system. After absorption, it has a bad effect on our health.

This mainly includes difficulty in breathing, blood clotting, heart failure, etc. How bad the poison affects our body depends on the type and quantity of the poison.
So let’s talk about the 10 most dangerous poisons on Earth.

10 Most Dangerous Poison on Earth that Can Kill in Seconds

10. Botox

It is a bacterium found in Clostridium botulinum. This bacterium produces a very lethal neurotoxin called botulinum. If this bacteria enters our body then we will be affected by this poison.

This bacterium is mainly found in spoiled meat. It’s very small quantity can also cause paralysis in humans. And if its quantity increases in our body, then a person can easily die.

Most Dangerous Poison on Earth


This poison is found in nature. It is obtained from the seeds of a tree called Strychnos nux vomica. It is a type of neurotoxin that affects nerves leading to the bone of the backbone.

Commercially, it is used to kill mice and other insects. Small amounts of this can also be harmful to us, so it should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.

8. Tetratoxin

It is also a dangerous poison found mainly in the liver and ovaries of fish. It is most commonly obtained from pufferfish. It takes about 6 hours to show its effect.

It makes the muscles in our body inactive, after which person has difficulty in breathing and gradually he moves towards death. That is why we have included it in the list of the 10 most dangerous poison on Earth.


This substance reduces the level of vitamin K by entering our body. As we know that vitamin K is necessary for blood clotting. If there is a deficiency of Vitamin K in the body, a blood clot will not be formed. Due to which the blood becomes like water in a short time and the person dies.


It is mainly found in mushrooms. There are many mushrooms in which this poison is found, if a person consumes them, then the person will die easily. This poison mainly affects our kidneys or liver.

5. Recin

Ricin is considered the world’s most dangerous poison. It is obtained from castor seeds. This inactivates the ribosome by entering our body, due to which the ribosome cannot make protein.

Slowly the person’s cells are destroyed and eventually the person dies. And the most serious thing is that no antidote to this poison has been formed yet.

4. Cyanide

This poison is mainly found in the seeds of apple, almond, cherry, etc. It combines with hydrogen to form hydrogen cyanide. Which are used as chemical weapons.

It prevents the hemoglobin from carrying oxygen by entering our body due to which there is a lack of oxygen in the body and the person cannot breathe. If it goes into our body in small amounts, our liver detoxifies it. But its intake in excess is fatal.

3. Nervous Gas

This gas is about 500 times more toxic than hydrogen cyanide. It mainly affects our nervous system. If the nervous system does not work, our brain is unable to control our body parts. It is absorbed through the skin so it is used as a chemical weapon in warfare. Also, a person can die in no time.

2. Butterchotoxin

can a poison dart frog kill you? This poison is found only in a few species of frogs and birds. It is most commonly found in the Golden Poison dart frog. This form is found on the skin of these frogs. It is so dangerous that poisoning from a frog can kill up to 10 people.

1. Polonium

Polonium 210 is a very deadly poison. It was discovered in 1898 by Madam Curie. This is such a dangerous substance that it can be estimated by this fact that just 1 gram of polonium is enough to kill thousands of people.

As soon as this substance enters the human body it destroys our DNA and immunity systems. Due to which the person dies in no time. This is why we have included polonium in the list of the “10 Most Dangerous Poison on Earth”.

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