10 most expensive things in the world

If you like expensive things then you will definitely want to know what is the most expensive thing in this world?If I ask you what is the most expensive thing in this world? So what will come first in your mind? Gold, silver, diamonds and anything else? If some of these are coming to your mind, then let me tell you that there are many precious things besides gold, silver and diamonds in the world. Today we will discuss the 10 most expensive things of the world“. Some of these are worth so much that we can not even imagine and it is also possible that you have never heard about some of these things.


It is the rarest  gemstone available in the world. It is mainly found in Sri Lanka and Tanzania. Some low-grade Taaffeite are also found in some parts of China.

Price of 1 gram = 20 thousand dollars


This is the isotope of hydrogen. The properties of radio activity are found in the tritium, that is why it shines in the darkness. Hydrogen has three isotopes, out of them only tritium shows radioactivity. Due to the properties of radio activity, it can be used to make atomic bombs.

Price of 1 gram = $ 30 thousand


Plutonium is also a radioactive substance of silver white color. It is used in nuclear weapons and in the form of fuel in the spacecraft. During the Second World War in 1945, the atom bomb named Fat man was dropped over Japan its core was made of Plutonium. Six allotrope of plutonium are found and it is a very expensive substance.

Price of 1 gram = 40 thousand dollars

7.Californium 252

Californium 252 is also a very rare radioactive substance. This is the isotope of californium. It is used to identify gold and silver ores. Earlier scientists believed that it was produced during the supernova explosion, but later this proved wrong.

Price of 1 gram = 27 million dollars

6.The Grand Pink Diamond

The Grand Pink Diamond is 24.78 carats diamond. Initially this diamond was owned by American jeweler Harry Wilson. According to Harry Wilson, this diamond is the best of all the diamond in the world. But this diamond was sold in Switzerland on November 16, 2010 in an auction. This diamond was bought for about $ 46 million. This diamond was planted in a ring and at the time of auction in 2010 the diamond was the most expensive jewel in the auction ever bought.

 Cost $ 46 million


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5.1963 Ferrari GTO

In 1963, the Italian Sports Company launched the Ferrari GTO. Today it is considered a vintage car. Currently it is the world’s most expensive car. In an auction, a person from America who has a passion for having rare cars bought the red color Ferrari GTO in about 52 million dollars.

 Cost $ 52 million



This house has been built for Reliance Industries owner Mukesh Ambani and his 600 employees.The house of 27 floors has been built in the area of ​​40000 square feet. There are three helipads ,temple, garden, health center and home theater for 50 people in this house. The estimated cost of this house is one billion dollars. A manager has been appointed on every floor of this house whose annual salary is approximately 240000000.

 Cost $ 01 billion


3.Leonardo da Vinci Masterpiece Salvator Mundi

Leonardo da Vinci’s amazing masterpiece was sold for about $ 450 million during the auction in 2017. This is the most expensive painting to be sold at any auction. This painting was made around 1500 AD. In 1958 it was sold for only $ 60 because initially it was considered a copy of the actual painting. But in 2017, a person bought an anonymous bidding for around $ 450 million.

 Cost $ 450 million


2.The History Supreme Yacht

The 30-metre long History Supreme yacht is made with 100,000 kilograms of gold and platinum. A bottle of luxury liquor has been placed on its board, in which 18.5 carat diamonds have been installed, which is one of the world’s most rare diamond. It took about 3 years to build this yacht. This yacht is designed for an anonymous Malaysian businessman.

Cost $4.8 billion dollar


Antimatter is the world’s most expensive substance. Its price is so high that we have to sell 10 small countries of the world to create only 10 grams of antimatter. Scientists believe that when the universe formed Matter and Antimatter were produced in equal proportion at that time. But only matter is found on earth and anti-mater is not found on earth. But scientists believe that antimatter will be available on any corner of the universe. And if matter and antimatter are added, then a lot of energy is generated. That’s why the antimatter can be used as a fuel in the rockets. But artificially generating antimatter costs a lot.

Price of 1 gram = 62.5 trillion dollars

So this was the 10 most expensive things in this world.


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