3 Best Way to Stop Smoking


In this post, we want to find out the 3 Best Way to stop smoking.

We all know that smoking cigarette is harmful to health. But still many people are addicted to cigarette smoking and they do not give up smoking even after wishing.
According to recent research conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 7000 types of chemical substances are found in cigarettes. Due to which many diseases related to cancer, heart attack, breath are caused in humans. Smoking affects our lungs the most. That’s why smoking accounts for 90% of lung cancer deaths.

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So from the above facts, you must have realized how harmful smoking is to us. That is why if you also have a habit of smoking, then stop smoking today, remember to try to leave slowly.

stop smoking
Benefits of quitting smoking

  • stop smoking reduce the risk of heart attack by up to 50%.
  • After 1 month of stop smoking, the lungs begin to repair and benefit from cough and respiratory disease.
  • Quitting smoking causes more blood circulation inside our arteries and reduces the chances of getting cancer.
    People who do not smoke are not likely to have lungs.
  • Smoking causes skin loosening and humans feel worse, as opposed to quitting smoking causes skin tightness and makes you look younger.
  • People who stop smoking are less likely to have sugar and also do not get body fat.
  • Smoking also affects the light of the eyes and the offerings of quitting smoking make the eyesight better, especially night vision is much more improved.

Quit smoking method

Divert yourself

Whenever you feel like smoking cigarettes, focus your attention on something else. Like to watch a movie, play a game. If you will be busy, then you will not notice cigarette smoking.


According to research, cigarette smoking only lasts for 3 to 5 minutes. If you put on smoking for some time, then you will not feel much for smoking.

Drink water

If you consume more and more water, then your body remains hydrated and you do not feel like smoking. That is why drink water again and again to quit the habit of smoking.

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