5 Top Guns


In this post, we’re going to discuss the 5 Top Guns guns in the world. All of these guns are very dangerous. All guns produce almost similar results but they are never equal in terms of power accuracy speed and so forth yet the same features determine the power of a given gun.

If you’ve been wondering which are the most powerful guns on the earth this post guide seeks to help you complete.

After hours of consolidated research here is a list of the very 5 Top Guns in the world.


SVLK-14S is a sniper rifle built by a  company named lobaev Arms in Russia reportedly the rifle can fire up to three kilometres range. Besides the rifle is not just blessed with insane long-range capabilities it also depicts fast rate power and accuracy. Its muzzle velocities of up to 900 plus meters per second it’s chambered in three different calibres best of all this bolt action firearm have been made to shoot .408 Cheyenne tactical drones but it is seriously expensive. But it is best among the 5 Top Guns.5 top guns

AWM the arctic

Warfare magnum also popularly denoted AWM comes as a bolt action sniper rifle. it was designed and manufactured by accuracy international in the united kingdom.

AWM is known for longer bolts that thankfully takes in larger magnum cartridges like the 0.338 Lapua magnum and the 0.300 Winchester magnum from the box magazine to the top-notch 3 to 12 by 50 Schmidt and bend the scope. AWM comes indicated as one of the best full-fledged sniper rifles in the history of deadly weapons.

this rifle boasts incredible shooting performances that’s why it provides a muzzle velocity of up to 869 meters per second.Awp arctic

It comes with a battery length of 26 to 27 inches under stainless steel at 6.9 kg the rifle is quite heavy but better than most of its spears.

FN file

FN file is a dedicated military gun that enjoys global recognition for its top-notch functionality. FN file was designed by Dijon Sava Belgian small arms designer. it’s a self-loading rifle with a gas-operated system. it comes with a tilting bolt which doesn’t just hint at its accuracy but also makes it reliable.

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Both lightweight and heavy barrels each meant to serve specific circumstances with their great ergonomics. this rifle is comfortable to shoot automatic versions of it deliver 700 rounds a minute number.FN File


The AK-47 is one of the world’s most renowned assault and combat that are seen in its use traced from the vast eastern block of the world to Africa and other continents. AK-47 was designed by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

over 100 million AK-47 guns have been sold up to date. so just why have the AK-47 claims such a huge fan base over a long period of time. despite the fact that it comes average in terms of accuracy the rifle is universally easy to use.AK-47

maintained and its durability is awesome. it produces less recoil compared to high-end models in the industry.

however, it doesn’t get better with its bad ergonomics while its accuracy is a bit wanting when compared to other compact guns the AK-47 comes in many versions. AK 47 is most popular in this list of 5 Top Guns.


the MG-42 machine gun is yet another one of the top rifles that served combat fails well designed and produced in nazi Germany.

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from 1942 the MG-42 came to the force an easy to produce reliable and easy to operate gun as a machine gun it offers breathtaking 1200 rounds per minute on average. When fully automatic this makes it quite the real deal it weighs in at 11.6 kg which is extremely bulky its length is 1200 millimetres with the barrel measuring 20.9 inches long.The MG-42 Machine Gun | The National WWII Museum | New Orleans

the gun is chambered in 7.92 by 57-millimeter mojo the gun is thought to shoot up to distances of over 500 yards.

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