Absolute amazing Facts About the Cockroach


Top Facts About the Cockroach: You must have seen a small cockroach in the kitchen or bathroom of your house. Most cockroaches live in dirt, so they can spread disease in humans. So let’s talk about some interesting facts about the cockroach today.

Top Facts About the Cockroach

Cockroaches are thought to have evolved even before dinosaurs, and the average lifespan of a cockroach is about 1 year.

There are about 4500 species of cockroaches in this world, out of which only 30 are species that live around humans.

Cockroach blood color: Mostly blood color is colorless because they do not have hemoglobin.

The funniest fact about cockroaches is that if a cockroach is beheaded, it can easily survive for about 1 week even after the head is cut off because it breathes with small holes on its body. But after cutting the head it can not drink water from these holes, so he dies after about 1 week.

Facts About the Cockroach

A cockroach is an organism that is not affected by radio waves, ie the harmful waves from radioactive substances such as alpha, beta, and gamma, which cause skin cancer in most organisms, do not affect the cockroaches.

Most cockroaches can live without food for about 1 month and without water, they survive for one week.

Recently scientists have discovered some species of cockroaches that can survive even at very low temperatures.

There are also some countries like China and Thailand where cockroaches are eaten with great fervor.

Cockroaches have 13 chambers in their heart. Whereas there are only 4 chambers inside the heart of man.

Most cockroaches live with their companions. If a cockroach remains alone for a long time, it falls ill.

Cockroaches can hold breathe for 40 minutes, that is why they can survive for about 40 minutes in water.

Cockroaches have 2 pairs of wings and 3 pairs of legs and can run at a speed of 3 kilometers per hour with their feet.

If the legs of the cockroach break, new legs develop.

The size of the cockroach’s child is as much as the dust particles, it can run as fast as the adult cockroach.

The largest cockroach in the world was found in South America, which was about 6 inches in length. Cockroaches typically have a length of 1.5 to 2 inches.

There are also some female cockroaches who make sexual relations only once in a lifetime but remain pregnant throughout their lives.

Digestion of cockroaches is very good, They can eat everything like soap, surf, leather, human hair, paint, gum, etc.

Most cockroaches have wings but do not use them to fly, but when they fall from a high place, they make balance with the help of these wings.

Cockroaches are very dangerous for children. Cockroaches can cause many types of diseases in children such as allergies, asthma, etc.

So these were some facts about the cockroach, if you also know some other facts then you can tell us by commenting.

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