Amazing Blue Whale facts


In this article, we are going to talk about the amazing Blue Whale facts.

The blue whale is the world’s largest creature. Blue whales are placed in the mammalian group of organisms. The blue whale is an amazing creature in itself. The blue whale is the largest creature in the world but still, people know very little about it. The origin of the Blue Whale is believed to be about 5 million years ago. This organism can be up to 30 meters in length and weigh up to 180 tons.

Amazing Blue Whale facts

The tongue of a fully grown blue whale weighs more than the weight of an elephant and its heartbeat can be easily heard from 2 miles away.

Blue whales can consume up to 500 kg of small fish at a time.

The female blue whale does not lay eggs, but it gives birth to children.

Blue whale babies weigh around 2.5 tonnes at birth and a blue whale baby drinks 200 to 300 litres of milk from its mother daily.

Blue whales can live without eating for about 200 days.

Amazing Blue Whale facts

An amazing Blue Whale facts are this organism cannot breathe in water. The blue whale has a hole on its head with the help of which it breathes. Whenever the blue whale goes out of the water, this hole takes air from the atmosphere, which causes the blue whale to breathe. A blue whale can hold its breath for about 2 hours.

The weight of a blue whale’s brain is much less than its weight. The brain of the blue whale weighs around 7 kg.

A blue whale can remain asleep for about 90 days.

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A blue whale has the power to summon its companion from a distance of a thousand miles. This means Blue Whales can hear each other’s sounds for a thousand miles.

The largest centre of a blue whale in Central California, United States, has about 2000 blue whales.

The heart of a blue whale weighs around 180 kilograms.

Blue whale’s heart beats only 9 times in 1 minute.

A blue whale’s eyes size is equal to a human’s head.

When the blue whale breathes it can replenish up to 5000 litres of oxygen in its lungs.

Blue whale milk is thick like a toothpaste used by humans.

Currently, the number of blue whales is around 10 thousand. In 1986, the hunting of blue whales was banned, but even today many people hunt them illegally.

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