Best Alternate to Whatsapp


Today we want to know what can be the alternate to WhatsApp.

Recently, after the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, people are afraid that their personal data may be leaked. That’s why most users are looking for WhatsApp’s alternative.
So let’s talk about who can be WhatsApp’s alternate where your personal data can also be safe.

alternate to whatsapp


Telegram is also a messenger app like WhatsApp which provides end to end encryption to the consumer. Encryption means that private messages of people are protected. Apart from this, some picture in Telegram is also better than WhatsApp. After the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, the telegram’s popularity has increased a lot, with its downloads also large. Telegram is very popular, especially among the students. So it can be used as an alternate to WhatsApp.

why Elon Musk is Famous


Many people are also considering the signal messaging app as a better alternative to WhatsApp.
The Signal Messaging app does not collect any type of personal information of the user. This is why user signals are being attracted to the app. This app also provides video, audio call messaging and end to end encryption like WhatsApp.
Recently, some well-known people in the world like Elon Musk, Edward Snowdon have advocated the Signal app.


Threema is also a messenger app similar to WhatsApp. Its interface is also similar to WhatsApp.
With its help, you can send images, text, location etc. The special thing about this app is that even the developer of this app cannot read your messages, ie the security of the user has been taken care of.

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