Best Facts About Dogecoin

Best Facts About Dogecoin

The name of the cryptocurrency which is most discussed at present is Dogecoin.
Everyone from India to America is discussing this. The Dogecoin market value currently reaches over $ 90 billion. And in the last 1 year, this coin has seen a jump of about 35000 percent.

So let’s talk about some interesting facts related to Dogecoin.

Best Facts About Dogecoin

Dogecoin was started in 2013 by Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer. The coin was started as a joke, but with the power of social media and Elon Musk’s tweet, this coin has become much more popular today.

Shega Inu, a Japanese hunting dog breed, has been painted as Dogecoin’s logo.

1 year ago, the total value of this coin was $ 250 million, which is currently more than $ 90 billion.

Currently, this coin has become the fourth largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Binance coin.


In 2015, the owner of Dogecoin bought the Honda company car by selling all the coins, and today the price of Dogecoin is more than the Honda company. That is why it is said that luck does not take long to change.

Elon Musk made several tweets in the month of February to support Dogecoin. And after he tweets, the price of Dogecoin skyrocketed.

Elon Musk called Dogecoin a “people’s crypto” in one of his tweets.

Elon Musk recently posted a photo of Dogue magazine. In which a dog was shown wearing a red sweater. Even after this, the price of this coin increased significantly.

How much Dogecoin is currently priced, you can guess from the fact that it is currently priced as much as social networking site Twitter.

Dogecoin’s community is the largest and active community in the crypto world.

If we talk about the supply of this coin, then it is unlimited while the supply of other coins is limited.

If we talk about mining bitcoin, then one block is generated every 10 minutes whereas in Dogecoin on average one block is generated every 1 minute.

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