Best Practical Way to Save Environment

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What is the Best Practical Way to Save Environment?

Our environment has a very deep impact on our lives. But currently, human activities are having a very bad effect on the environment.

There is a lack of clean drinking water in many places of the world.

The air of most metros has been contaminated, there is a fear of many diseases due to pollution.Best Practical Way to Save Environment

If we do not take appropriate measures to save our environment soon, human civilization will soon come to an end.
So let us know what are the measures with which we can save our environment.

  Best Way to Save Environment

Get used to walking

Get into the habit of walking at least 2 to 3 kilometres per day. This will keep healthy and if you walk, then the environment will not be contaminated because of the smoke produce by vehicles. If you cannot walk, use a bicycle instead of a car or bike.

Do not waste the water

Even today most countries of the world lack clean water. And this situation will become even worse in the coming times. Therefore, it becomes our moral duty to save water.

In most homes, water filters waste a lot of water. So we should learn to use the water that is being wasted by RO or other filters.

Apart from this, there are many practical ways with which we can save water, like use bucket filled water instead of fountains for bathing.

Plant more trees

Humans and trees complement each other. Man depends on the tree for his needs and the tree depends on the man. As long as there is a ratio between the number of man and trees in nature, then there will be balance in nature.

पर्यावरण व प्रकृति बचाएं

Therefore, every man must plant four to five trees in his life and take care of them. Because the more the number of trees, the more we will get clean air and our environment will be clean.

To bring awareness to the people, World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June in which many institutions organize tree-planting programs.

Do not waste electricity

A lot of people have this habit that they stay in the room with all the fans, lights etc. on. Because of this a lot of electricity is wasted. So turn on electrical appliances only when they are needed. Your electricity bill will come down as well as the environment will also benefit from it.

Don’t waste food

Always cook as much food as you need. Making more food than necessary will not only reduce your resources but will also result in wastage of food.

It is our moral duty to use all the resources that we get from the environment very responsibly. Because all the resources that nature has given us are not for a particular person but for the whole society.

Take care of your surroundings

We should use a dustbin in our house. So that we do not throw garbage here and there and keep our surroundings clean and tidy. Plastic and rubber items are easy to mistake so try to reuse them as much as possible. Keep your home as well as your surroundings clean.

Use less AC and fridge

The gas used in AC and refrigerator has a polluting effect on the environment. Most ACs and fridges use a gas called FreeOne that damages the ozone layer, increasing the risk of skin cancer in humans.

So these were some easy methods to save environment.

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