Best Romantic Films

best romantic films

Life or movies are incomplete without romance.

Hollywood is mostly known for its action and science fiction films. Along with this, a very amazing romantic movie has also been made in Hollywood. Today we are going to talk about the best romantic films in Hollywood.


The film “Notebook” released in 2004 was one of the biggest superhit films of the year. Also, the film is one of Hollywood’s Evergreen films. Ryan Gosling and Rachel Mc Addams starer The film depicts the love story from a different angle. In the film, Teenager Noh and John love each other like crazy, but as they grow up, Noh’s father tells John to be poor and marries him to another rich person. But it is said that love never dies, Noh’s true love only comes back to John, and the love of both lives once again. The story of the film is very strong as well as the acting of the actors in the film are excellent. Notebook is my personal favourite movie among this list of best Romantic Films.

best romantic films


If you are talking about the best romantic films and there is no mention of Titanic film on that list, then it will feel a bit incomplete. Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet Starrer The film also holds a record of earning more than 100 billion. This film, based on the finest music and Titanic Ship filmed in the middle of the sea, is still among the top 5 of Hollywood’s Evergreen films. Director James Cameron has extensively used graphics and visual effects in the film to give the Titanic a romantic touch.


Pretty women

Julia Robert and Richard’s romantic film “Pretty Woman” recently completed 25 years. The superhit film of the 90s has earned a record of earning 28 billion 83.78 million 34 thousand. In the film, Julia plays a prostitute. In the film, the actor meets a prostitute “Vivian”, who slowly becomes her habit, and over time that habit becomes her love and passion. A song from the film “O Pretty Woman” is still on the audience’s tongue.

Pretty Woman

Love Actually

The multi-starer film “Love Actually” is one of the best romantic films in Hollywood. The film is based on Christmas Week, shown in the romantic comedy film Love can happen anywhere and to Anyone. Five different short stories have been made together, in which the definition and circumstances of love are beautifully depicted. If you are among the people who like watching romantic films, then this film will definitely look good.

Love Actually

10 Things I Hate About You

The story of the film “10 Thing I Hate About You” is quite different from the rest of the love story. In the film, the two sisters are completely different, one of whom likes to date love but the other sister is as sharp and angry as the boys. But the younger sister starts liking a boy, because of which she hires a boy to take out hatred from inside her sister, which comes after the twist in the story. In this film, you will get to see many angles of love.10 Things I Hate About You' Then and Now


A walk to remember

Released in 2002, the film “A Walk to Remember” is based on a romantic novel by Nicholas Sparks. The film stars pop singers Mandy Moore and Shane West. The film has two such college students, “Landon Rollis” and “Jamie”, who are completely different from each other. But slowly both of them start loving each other more than themselves. An interesting twist in the film comes when Jamie suffers from a life-threatening illness, and Rollis begins to fulfil all his wishes before he dies, like watching a comet from a telescope, travelling to his favourite place and doing everything that makes Jamie happy.

 A Walk To Remember


The fault in our stars

“The Fault in Our Stars” is Hollywood’s most popular film released last year. The film is Teenager Love Story inspired by John Green’s book. The story of the film is very emotional and you will get emotional by seeing it. The film is a love story of Hazel and Augustus, but not everyone’s love story is so beautiful and easy. In the film, Hazel suffers from a cancerous disease between which his love gets entangled. This film is quite different from the rest of the romantic films. Both the actors’ chemistry and their love in the film are very much shared. Also, the music in the film is excellent. If you do not love your life, then this film can once again cause you to live and love.

The Fault in Our Stars' Review: Shailene Woodley Stars in Cancer-Themed  Romance - Variety

So this was the list of Best Romantic Films. Is your favourite romantic movie is there?

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