Cost of Antimatter

what is antimatter

Antimatter, the world’s most expensive substance, is also the most mysterious. Know, what is it that makes it special in such an expensive item and what is the cost of Antimatter. So lets us know first what is matter?

What is matter

Antimatter is the opposite of matter. That is, it has different properties than matter. By the way, to understand antimatter, it is important to understand the matter. Many things about matter are still beyond the understanding of physics and chemistry, except that matter is made up of atoms. And an atom consists of electrons, protons and neutrons.

The protons in the middle of the atom, which have a positive charge, neutron have no charge, while the electron has a negative charge. According to the amount of energy that electrons have, they rotate in different orbit accordingly.

What is antimatter

This changes in the case of antimatter. According to NASA, the anti-electron found in it has a positive charge, while the proton has an anti-proton as opposed to a negative charge. The antimatter consists of things called antiparticles. After the big bang, antimatter was also made in equal quantity along with the matter. But then Antimatter disappeared.

cost of antimatter
The reason for this is not even known to the scientists. Some say that the matter may have been lower than the antimatter, which may have disappeared during changes in the earth. Scientists speculate that antimatter is likely to be found in the distant universe.

Who discovered

Antimatter was first told by the British physicist Paul Dirac. His theory was published in New Magazine and Paul Dirac was considered the greatest scientist after Newton. However, in the beginning, the scientist was hesitant to tell about this element which works opposite to matter, so he said that every matter has a mirror image, which works against it. He later received the Nobel Prize for work on Antimatter.

Antimatter very dangerous

This substance, which works opposite to matter, is so dangerous that even a small part of it can destroy the whole world faster than any of the most powerful bombs. Even a book has been written on its danger. This book called Angels and Demons shows how a secret society tries to kill Vatican City with a bomb. Because of this fear, scientists are avoiding making more quantity of antimatter.

Cost of Antimatter

So now let’s talk about what is the cost of antimatter?
A few years ago NASA valued the value of one gram of it at $ 62.5 trillion, which is now $ 90 trillion. If the whole world continues to work round the clock for one year, then one gram of it can be purchased.

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