Distance from the phone can make your life longer

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Distance from the phone can make your life longer: If you also use more phones than necessary, be careful because research has shown that using more phones increases the level of cortisol hormone inside our body. This hormone is related to stress.

Spending more time on the phone has the opposite effect on our sleep, memory, attention power, creativity, and relationships.

Increase level of Cortisol

And now research has also proved that using the phone increases the level of cortisol hormone inside our body. Cortisol is also known as the fight or flight hormone. When it is released in our body, it causes many changes inside our body like an increase in blood pressure, an increase in heart rate and also increases in sugar level, etc. Apart from this, excess secretion of cortisol can cause obesity, fertility problem, heart attack, depression.

the phone

So we can say that the more cortisol that gets inside our body, the shorter our lifespan will be.

Increase level of Dopamine

Even before this, scientists have proved that more use of the phone increases the level of a special type of hormone called dopamine inside our body. Dopamine is the hormone that is associated with our habits. When we show interest in an action, the level of dopamine inside our body increases.

By increasing the level of dopamine, we get used to that thing. Similarly, when we use the phone, the level of dopamine in us increases, which makes us habitual to phone and it becomes difficult for us to stay away from the phone.

A problem in taking a decision

The frontal cortex of our brain is important for making appropriate decisions. But using the phone more increases the level of cortisol and the increase in cortisol levels slows down the frontal cortex. Because of this, we are not able to make the right decision.

So it is clear that the longer you stay away from your mobile, the more you will be aged and you will be able to avoid serious problems as well as increase your decision-making power and creativity.

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