Future of Pi Cryptocurrency


So all of us want to know what will be the Future of Pi Cryptocurrency? so lets us know first what is Cryptocurrency?

what is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency, which you cannot touch, but you can see this currency through your computer, laptop or mobile, and this currency is stored in your digital wallet.

Cryptocurrency is not issued by the government or the bank, but rather by a community. Cryptocurrency is based on Blockchain technology and is protected by cryptography, cryptography is a type of encryption security system that protects this digital currency and makes it easy for anyone to tamper with.

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When it comes to spending cryptocurrency, it can be used for buying and services digitally just like any other currency, or it can be sold and bought in exchange for another currency.

Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Whenever it comes to Cryptocurrency, we think of Bitcoin, because it is a famous Cryptocurrency, which started in 2009.

From the beginning of bitcoin, it became very famous among the currency people, due to which today the value of one bitcoin is equal to about 40 lakh Indian rupees.

 bitcoin cryptocurrency

Similarly, with time, many more cryptocurrencies came into the market and ended up i.e. they could not get so much fame like bitcoin.

In this article, there is now a matter of discussion among a new Cryptocurrency logo, named PI, let’s now know what PI cryptocurrency is.

What is a PI network?

PI Cryptocurrency was created in March 2019 by three PHD Graduates studying at Stanford University California. Pi Cryptocurrency is the first-ever Cryptocurrency, which can also be mined on mobile, that is, in any previous digital currency, mining was not available on mobile phones.

Pi Cryptocurrency

Although the cryptocurrency mining process is quite complex and expensive, and it also requires specialized equipment, this whole complex process has been simplified in the Pi Cryptocurrency network.

You can download the PI Network App for free at any time from Google Playstore to mine (Earn) from your smartphone, that is, if a user has no previous experience of digitizing digital currency, then it can be easily installed And start mining.

Initially, the Beta version of PI was removed and its number of users was also very low, but in the last almost one year time, its network has become very large and the number of users joining it is also above 1,00,00,000. Has gone, that is, it is getting good response from all over the world.

PI App Installation

To download PI APP,  you have to go to Google Play Store and you can download this app free of cost.

  • First of all, you have to signup for it with your mobile number or Facebook account.
  • Now create your own password, and note it down with yourself.
  • Now enter your first and last name, according to your Aadhaar card and create a unique User Name.
  • In the next step, you will be asked for an Invitation Code where you can enter my code Deep2287.
  • Now your account is ready to use, and you can start mining.

Friends, did you know what is PI network? If you think that PI cryptocurrency can have a bright future then you can surely use it, because neither do you have to spend anything on it nor do you spend much time. If the beginning of bitcoin is seen, then initially its price was also zero, which is touching the sky today.

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