How to Boost the Internet Speed


Do you want to know How to Boost the Internet Speed?

At present, the whole world is facing the crisis of Corona. In such a situation, most of the companies have promoted work-from-home. That is, you can do most of the work online by sitting at home. To work from home, you need a high-speed internet connection. But if your internet speed is very low, then you may face difficulty in working and communicating. A lot of sites can be used to find out the speed of the internet like of Okhla.
But many times, even after taking a high-speed internet connection, our internet speed comes down. Then How can I increase my wifi speed at home?

Let’s talk about “How to Boost the Internet Speed”?

How to Boost the Internet Speed

Router update

Updates to the router keep on coming. If there is any new update of your router then the router should be updated immediately. Because there are some things in the new update that affect the speed of your internet, it is important that we keep checking the router updates from time to time.

Turn off the router for a while

If we use the Internet throughout the day, then in such a situation there is a possibility that our router will become hot. If the router becomes hot it does not work with its efficiency. The result of this is that our internet speed gets affected so if the router becomes hot then the router should be shut down for some time. Doing so will increase the speed of the internet.

How to Boost the Internet Speed

The right place for the router

Internet speed also depends on where we place the router. If you are using a wireless Internet connection, it is necessary to place the router in the right place. Many times the router is placed in a place that blocks the signal and you cannot get the correct speed of the internet. Therefore, the router should be placed in such a way that proper signal is reached all around and at the same time it should also be taken care of that there is no metal object around the router.

Use external antenna

At present, many companies that provide you with wireless connections, along with external antenna are also provided. The advantage of this antenna is that the direction in which the router has an antenna gets more signals in that direction. So you can increase internet speed to some extent in a certain direction by using an external antenna.

Choose the right Internet service provider

Internet speed also depends on which company you have an internet connection with. Many Internet connection companies will be active in your area. So whenever you get an internet connection, check all the Internet service provider companies thoroughly. Because it may happen that a Particular Internet service company in your area gives more good service.

So keep these things in mind that you can increase the speed of the internet and can easily do all the online work by sitting at your home.

How to boost the internet speed

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