Truth how twins are formed


The birth of a child is the happiest moment of every woman’s life and this happiness increases even when a woman gives birth to twins. But do you know How twins are formed? If not, today we will give you complete information on this topic.


The germ cell of men is called sperm and the germ cell of women is called an egg. The fusing of sperm cells with egg cells is called fertilization. As a result of this action, a new cell is formed which we call zygote. Fertilization is done in women’s fallopian tube, due to which the zygote is formed inside the fallopian tube.

After that, cell division begins in this cell and it gradually moves towards the uterus. On the first day, 2 cells are formed from one cell, next day these two cells further divided and formed 4 cells, and so on.  A bunch of cells becomes a bit called blastocyst is formed On the fifth day,. On the seventh day, this blastocyst sticks to the uterus wall. This phenomenon is called implantation.That is, the child is now in the womb. So the life of an ordinary child begins. Now we will talk about how a  twin baby born?

How twins are formed

Twin children are of two types

    Monozygotic(Identical twins)


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A similar looking twin baby i.e. monozygotic are twins that develop through breaking of  zygote in two parts. Nearly 60 percent of traits of  children meet together. They look exactly the same and their gender is evenly identical. That means either both boys or girls. These twins are born when the zygote moves towards the uterus and breaks into two parts and the two cells begin to grow differently. Because both cells developed from the same zygote, two identical twins are produced.


Within women, two ovaries are found. Each month only one ovary produce egg cell and this cell reaches in fallopian tube. But sometimes due to some reasons the eggs produced by both the ovaries. Both the egg cell fertilized by sperm cell. In this case two zygote cells are formed.

These two cells reach the uterus . And twins are formed in the womb.But due to the development of different zygote cells, the appearance of both children is different. Their genders can also be different. There is also the possibility of having a boy and a girl. Only 40% of these children traits meet together.

Cause of  twins

There are many reasons of twins. Some of these are .

  1. In test tube baby there is more chances of twins because more than one zygote cells are prepared in the test tube so that there is a greater chance of getting pregnant. So in this case twins can born.
  2. If a woman gets a child at an older age, then possibility also increases having twin babies, because in most women, the egg starts developing  from both ovaries as age increased. Therefore, the possibility of twins baby is also increased.

Now you may have come to know why and how twin babies are born. If you still have some questions about this, then you can ask us to comment.

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