Interesting Facts About Sir Isaac Newton


Sir Isaac Newton is considered one of the greatest scientists of the century. Newton was born on 4 January 1643 in England and died on 31 March 1727. In addition to being a scientist, Newton was also a great mathematician, astrologer, and philosopher. So let’s talk about some very interesting facts related to the great scientist Sir Isaac Newton.

Interesting Facts About Sir Isaac Newton

>Sir Isaac Newton’s father’s name was also Isaac Newton.

>At the time Newton was born, his weight was very low and doctors said that it is very difficult to survive.

>At the age of 23, Newton discovered the force of gravity by seeing the apple falling from the tree.

>Newton was the first to point out the difference in mass and weight.

>Sun’s light, which we all call white light, is made up of seven colors, Newton first told this thing.

Sir Isaac Newton

>Newton has proposed three laws of motion, which are considered very important in physics.

>In addition to mathematics and science, Newton has written a lot of books on religious subjects, which many people still read with great fervor.

>Newton’s picture was given in the first logo of the world-famous company Apple, as well as a project named Newton was run by the Apple company.

>Sir Isaac Newton pointed out that the Earth does not move around the Sun on the elliptical path but on the elliptical path.

>He also discovered calculus, and you would be surprised to know that Newton took as much time to develop for calculus as it does for children to learn it.

>The calculus theory that Newton gave was a calculus mistake that was not known for nearly 300 years.

>The great scientist Albert Einstein was also influenced by Newton, which is why he used to put a picture of Newton on the wall of his room.

>It is believed that a piece of wood from the tree from which Newton discovered the force of gravity by seeing the apple fall, was also sent into space.

>After his mother’s death, Newton did not talk to anyone for 6 years, and he communicates with some people just by writing a little.

>In 1720, Newton lost nearly about three million dollars of present time in the stock market.

>Newton did not like to share his experiment or ideas with others, which is why he did not marry.

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