Is Homosexuality a Disease ?


What is Homosexuality? 

  Is Homosexuality a Disease?

In nature, it is a rule that organisms of the opposite sex are attracted to each other.
Such creatures are called heterosexuals.


If the man is attracted towards the man and the woman is attracted towards the woman then this is called homosexuality.
Such men are called gay and women are called lesbian.
There are also some people in nature who are attracted to both men and women, such people are called bisexual.
For example, some people like to drink tea and some like coffee, but there are some people who like to drink both tea and coffee.

So as we have said that it is a law of nature that an organism is attracted to the opposite sex. But when a person is gay or lesbian, he or she is often seen with hatred in society.

Cause of homosexuality

According to science, homosexuality occurs in many people from birth. There is no fault of that person’s parents or his.
Due to the symptoms of homosexuality from birth in such individuals, it is very difficult to change their qualities.
Sometimes due to mental illness, homosexuality is also acquired in a person. And it is also possible that when the disease is cured the person becomes heterosexual.

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In some countries of the world, such as the United States, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, South Britain and Spain, homosexual marriage is allowed by law.  But homosexuality marriage is not legal in India but is not considered a crime.
Apart from humans, scientists have also confirmed the quality of homosexuality in 1500 other species.
Now the question arises does homosexuality can be cured, then the answer is no because homosexuality is not a disease.

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