LiFi technology future of internet

LiFi Technology

What is LiFi technology?

LiFi is a wireless technology for sending data. With LiFi technology data can be transmitted at very high speeds. The full form of LiFi is light fidelity.

Visible light is used to send data in this technology.

As we all know that light has the highest speed in this world, so through this technology, data can be transmitted at around 225 GB per second. In this, the data sending speed is about 1000 times more than the WiFi technology.

Another advantage of this technology is that whenever you use internet service from it, you need a light device which we can call a LiFi bulb.

LiFi Technology

That is, this device will also brighten your room and you will also have the benefit of internet service.

Now the question arises of how this technique works.

Three components are used in this technique.

  • Lamp Driver
  • LED Lamp  
  • Photo Detector

You also need an internet connection to use all three. Data transmission is done through light with the help of these three components.


Your internet connection is done with the lamp driver. The information is then sent to the LED bulb with the help of a lamp driver.

The LED bulb is fitted with a lie detector that detects changes in the intensity of the light.

After this, the photodetector converts the data that is in light waves into a binary form.

And this data is sent to your computer or mobile. In this way, you get data at high speed.

In this technique, data can be sent in both directions.

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The way the data reaches the LED bulb from the lamp driver and then to our device, in the same way, data can also be sent back from our device via the LED bulb and then through the lamp driver.


Professor Harald Haas is the father of LiFi. Harald Haas said that light consists of a small particle known as photons, through which data can be sent from one place to another. The transmission of data by light waves is called VLC.

Professor Harald Haas demonstrated this technique for the first time at TED Global Talk in 2011 after working on the D Lite project for two years.

Benefits of LiFi Technology

This technology uses a special type of LED bulb to send data that costs less, ie it is an inexpensive data transmission technique.

In this technique, light is used for data transmission i.e. data can be sent where there is light.

In this technique, your data will be more secure because light cannot cross the walls of your house, so no outsider can use your internet.

The disadvantage of LiFi Technology

This technique cannot be used without light.

The transmission of data through this technique can be a problem due to sunlight.

Although this technology has some limitations, it is still considered to be the future of the Internet.

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