Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Uttarakhand


Visit today most beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand is a beautiful state of North India.
If you want to enjoy high mountains, flowing rivers, calm atmosphere and golden weather, then Uttarakhand must be visited once.
Uttarakhand is known as the Land of the Gods. So let’s know which places are worth seeing in Uttarakhand.

Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Uttarakhand

Kedarnath Temple

This temple is thousands of years old. And every year lakhs of devotees come to see it. So if you go to Uttarakhand then you must visit this temple.


Nainital is called the lakes state of India. This place attracts tourists because of the snow-capped hills and beautiful lakes. This is the beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand.

Jim Corbett National Park

It is the oldest national park in India. It was founded in 1936. This national park is famous for tigers. This place is spread over an area of ​​more than 500 square meters.


This place is located in Uttarkashi. According to Hindu beliefs, the river Gangas originated at this place. It is believed that Lord Shiva filled the water in his jattas (Hairs) to reduce the speed of the water falling from the height. This place is also called Bhagirathi.


Yamunotri is the place from where the Yamuna River originates. It is situated at an altitude of about 3300 meters above sea level. According to mythology, taking a bath in the river Yamuna relieves the pain of death.

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Mussoorie is called the queen of the mountains. Located at an altitude of 7000 feet above sea level, this place has been a centre of tourist attraction due to its beauty.


Rishikesh is also one of the beautiful tourist places of Uttarakhand. Many temples, yoga ashrams are the centre of attraction of the people here. People come here for an adventure like rafting, mountain biking, bungee jumping etc. This is also very beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand.

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