Now Coronavirus Can Be Cured With a Chip


Can Coronavirus be removed from the body by examining and filtering by a chip? If you are thinking the same way, then let us tell you that the scientists of the Pentagon have built a chip that will detect the chemical state of our body and identify the virus and will also help to filter it out from the body.
According to scientists, this chip has to be applied under the skin in the body.

The chip that detects and filter Virus

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency has discovered this new technology and this agency claims that with the help of this chip, any virus can be easily detected and easily ejected from the body. That is, if this claim of scientists is proved to be true, then an epidemic like Coronavirus will never occur in the near future.
Some scientists at the Pentagon, the Department of Defense headquarters in the US, have built this amazing chip. Scientists claim that this chip can easily detect Corona and other viruses and filter them out of the body.

Corona Final Epidemic

Retired Colonel Dr. Mate Hepburn, a key member of the team of scientists making this chip, believes that after the development of this chip, no other disease like Coronavirus will ever be born in the near future. According to scientists, this chip can be applied to any part of the body under the skin.
This chip will detect chemical processes occurring in the body and with its help, it can also be detected by how long you have been infected with which virus.corona

Results in a very short time

The scientists making this chip have also manufactured a tissue-like gel which will be inserted inside the microchip and it will continuously check the blood of the person. After this, this chip will give information about the virus within 3 to 5 minutes. If we get the results so soon, then we can easily find out in which part of the body the virus is and it can be eradicated immediately. By which the epidemic caused by the virus can be dealt with.

Virus removal machine

At the same time, a pathology organization, a subsidiary of the Pentagon, has also manufactured a machine. This machine will work in the same way as our kidneys dialysis our blood. This machine will remove the virus from the body by dialysis of blood. Doctor Hepburn has told that using this machine has been tested on a patient and the machine easily filtered the virus out of his body. Now that patient is very healthy. In view of the success of this machine, this machine has been approved for use in the event of an emergency.

So if this chip works according to the statement given by American scientists, then soon we will get rid of Coronavirus.

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