Top 10 Inspiring Films


Movies are an important part of our life. And some inspiring films are such that seeing you create a different kind of passion and a desire to do something. So today we are going to talk about 10 such inspiring films.

Top 10 Inspiring Films

1.Forrest Gump

It is very best on the list of inspiring films. This is the story of a man who is considered mentally challenged but he achieves a lot in life through his hard work. The film is considered one of the best Hollywood films.

Aamir Khan’s upcoming film Lal Singh Chadha is being considered a remake of this film. If you have not seen this film yet, then go enjoy this great film.

2.The Pursuit of Happyness

This film teaches us to believe in you. The film depicts the story of a man who has many problems in his life, but still does not give up hope and faces his troubles with full force.

The film is based on a true incident, the story and screenplay of the film are very good.


It a great film by Aamir Khan. The film shows how some villagers play a cricket match with the British to get their tax forgiven and get their tax forgiven by winning the match with hard work and dedication.

Each character of the film will attract you further and you will get a different kind of attachment to each character.

inspiring films

4. Three Idiots

This is one of the most inspiring films I’ve seen. The story of three friends is shown in the film and it is shown how all of them face their troubles and achieve their status in their respective lives.

The comedy and emotional scenes of the film will win your heart. The film is based on the Nobel written by the same name by Chetan Bhagat.

5.The Shawshank Redemption

One of the best among Inspiring Films teaches you lessons to work hard continuously. The film shows how the lead artist of the film gets out of jail at the end of the film after being jailed for several years.

To know how our hero comes out of jail, you will have to watch the film. After watching the film, the feeling of never giving up will arise in your mind.


If you like boxing then this film is based on boxing. But the boxing, as well as the relationship between the various actors in the film, is shown in a special way. The film shows how everyone confronts trouble with their struggle. If you like sports movies then this film is a great inspirational film.

7.The godfather

The Godfather series films are considered to be one of the best Hollywood films. The film shows how a common man becomes a mafia don and tries to get everything in his life that he desires. The film is inspiring but what makes the film special is the great performances of all the actors.

8.The blind side

It is a family film as well as a very inspiring film. This film tells you that there is definitely a skill hidden inside every human being, just need to get it out or refine it.

9.Manjhi the Mountain Man

This is my one of the favorite film. This film shows how a common man loses his pregnant wife due to a lack of road in the village. But by this incident, he does not give up but instead breaks the mountain and makes a road. Everyone should see this great film once.

10.The Brave Heart

It is also a masterpiece film. The film featured a love story and war. The film shows how a common man fights the entire empire to find his love.

so friends which is your favorite film in the list of top 10 Inspiring Films.

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