Top 10 interesting facts about cricket

facts about crickets

Cricket is one of the most played sports in the world. Cricket is the most popular game in the world after football. Some people have so much passion for cricket that they can do anything for cricket.
So let’s talk Top 10 interesting facts about cricket.

Top 10 interesting facts about cricket

1.Cricket is considered to have started in the sixteenth century, it is believed that earlier this game was played only by children, but gradually the game became popular among adults as well.
The first cricket Test match was played between Australia and England on 15 March 1877. In this match, Australia defeated England by 45 runs.facts about cricket

2.The first ODI was played between Australia and England on 5 January 1971.
In fact, a Test series was going on between Australia and England. On the first 3 days of the third Test match, no game could be held due to rain.
Therefore, on the fourth day, the match was converted into a match of 40–40 overs. Australia won by 5 wickets in this match. It is considered to be the first ODI match in the history of cricket.

3.West Indies Brian Lara holds the record for the most runs scored in an innings in the history of Test cricket, Who had scored 400 runs in an innings.

4.Sri Lanka’s Mahela Jayawardene is the only batsman to score a century in both the semi-finals and finals in World Cup history.

5.In ODI cricket, Sourav Ganguly is the only cricketer to have received the Man of the Match title 4 times in a row.

Top 10 interesting facts about cricket

6.Sunil Gavaskar is one of the greatest players of Indian cricket who is always proudly named. But Sunil Gavaskar set the record for the slowest innings on 7 June 1975. Sunil Gavaskar scored just 36 runs, facing 174 balls. And let us tell you that it was not Test cricket but a one-day match, which was played between India and England.

7.In 1996, Pakistan batsman Shahid Afridi made a record against Sri Lanka by scoring a century in just 37 balls. It was the fastest century at that time. But you will be surprised to know that Shahid Afridi used Sachin Tendulkar’s bat in this match.
When Shahid Afridi came to bat, he did not have the right bat. So Waqar Younis gave him the bat of Sachin Tendulkar to bat.
And with the help of this bat, Shahid Afridi made a stormy century off just 37 balls with the help of 11 sixes and 6 fours.
At this time, the record of the fastest century is in the name of AB de Villiers of South Africa, who did this feat in just 31 balls.

8.Do you know that Chris Gayle is the only batsman to have hit a six off the first ball of Test cricket. Chris Gayle, in the Test match played against Bangladesh in 2012, was the first ball of the match, sending Bol to six outside the boundary line.

9.The record of taking the most wickets in a Test match is in the name of England bowler Jim Laker.
He held the record for taking the maximum of 19 wickets in a Test with 9 wickets in the first innings and 10 wickets in the second innings in the Test match played against Australia.

10.In the name of Sunil Gavaskar of India, there is a record of most dismissals on the first ball of Test cricket. Sunil Gavaskar has been out on the first ball three times in a Test match.

Some more interesting facts about cricketCricket World Cup, Australia v West Indies

Do you know that Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli are school-age friends? But Vinod Kambli could not achieve the milestone in cricket that Sachin has done.

But you will be surprised to know that Vinod Kambli’s Test average is better than Sachin Tendulkar. Vinod Kambli has scored in 17 Tests at an average of 54,20. While Sachin Tendulkar’s average in the Test is 53.78. But Sachin’s average is 200 Test matches.

Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi who was the grandfather of famous actor Saif Ali Khan was a player who played Test match cricket for both India and England.

India is the only country to have won the World Cup of 60 overs, 50 overs and 20 overs.

Wilfred Rhodes, who was an England player, played Test cricket at the age of 52. Which is the record for playing Test cricket at the oldest age.

Australia’s great all-rounder Alan Border is the only player to have played 153 Test matches without a drop.

so these were the most interesting facts about cricket. I hope you may like these interesting facts about cricket

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