Top 10 Interesting Facts About Universe

Today we going to discuss the top 10 Interesting Facts About Universe

Do you know this?


1) 33 light years from us, there’s an exoplanet, which is totally covered in burning ice.

2) There’s an enormous cloud of alcohol more than 463, 000,000, 000 km across, with which we may have 400 trillion pints of beer. It’s in a region known as W3(OH), about 6500 light years away from us. This cloud is 1000 times larger than the diameter of our solar system.

3) Earth can become a black hole. This might be accomplished by compressing earth to the size of a marble, it’d collapse alone.

4) Are you aware that nearly all of your body mass is stardust? Ninety percent of own body mass is stardust because all the components are created at stars, except hydrogen and helium. Stardust is a type of cosmic dust, composed of particles in space.

5) 275 million new stars are born daily based on estimates of astronomers.

6) Our solar system takes 225 million years to rotate around the Milky Way. The Sun’s orbital speed around the galaxy is about 200km/s.

7) Dinosaurs only began to roam that the Earth, that the last time Earth was in its existing location. Some critters have the ability to thaw in spring and freeze to solid during winter months and stay perfectly healthy.

8) Olympus Mons on Mars is nearly 3 times the height of Mt.Everest, which is 27 km tall. It’s 55o km wide at the base. Olympus Mons is a very large shield volcano on the planet Mars.

9)Day Earth is shortened by 1.8 microseconds, by 2011 Japan ground quake.

10) Galileo was the first man to check into space with a telescope almost 400 years ago. At the space, there’s no sound.

so, friends, these were Top 10 Interesting Facts About Universe“.

Some more interesting facts

  • No heat exchange in Universe

There’s no convection in space, as there’s no gravitation in space. Due to this heat of skin won’t rise, and cool own body will perspire, but perspiration won’t evaporate or drip, it’ll just build up.

  • No edge of the world

You might never get to that the edge of that the world if you travel outward at a straight line, you’d come back to that the point where you began.

  • Dark matter and dark energy

Around 75% of the world is missing in the shape of dark matter and dark energy, according to scientists which cannot be measured. The adhesive that holds that the universe together is dark matter, which cannot be measured, but scientists believe that there’s a chance of measuring it.

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