Top 10 interesting Facts About Wine


Many people in the world drink wine to forget the sorrow and to celebrate happiness. Most marriages or any other function seems incomplete without wine. So let’s know some interesting facts about wine.

Top 10 interesting Facts About Wine

1.Our body cannot digest alcohol, alcohol is absorbed by our blood vessels and it gets into our blood. After this, alcohol reaches our brain through blood, after 6 minutes a person starts getting a hangover.

2.It is said that a person forgets things by drinking alcohol, but this thing is completely wrong. After drinking wine, we cannot remember anything new but the person does not forget the old things.

3.According to research, people who have blue eyes have less effect of wine.

4.Music is an important part of our life. Because it is effective in reducing stress. But do you know that 20 per cent of the top 100 songs of almost all the countries of the world are based on alcohol?

facts about wine

5.Many people start the party by opening a bottle of champagne. But do you know that the pressure of a champagne bottle is 90 pounds per square inch, which is usually about 3 times higher than the air pressure in the tyres? That is why as soon as we open the Champion bottle, its wine rises very fast.

6.Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach causes more intoxication and if drunk with food, intoxication is less. Most fruits and vegetables contain small amounts of alcohol.

7.Alcohol is also used in temperature measuring thermometers because the mercury used in ordinary thermometers freezes at a low temperature but the freezing point of alcohol is very low. To measure the low temperature, the thermometer is filled with alcohol instead of mercury.

8.A common man needs 13 types of minerals to survive. And you will be surprised to know that all these minerals are found in alcohol. This means that if the alcohol is drunk properly in small amounts, it is good for health.

9.Alcohol is very harmful to pregnant women. If pregnant women consume it now, then the children who are born can have 430 types of diseases.

10.It is believed that Alexander once organized a drinking competition among his soldiers. In this competition, all the soldiers drank too much alcohol. This is the reason that when this competition was over, 42 soldiers lost their lives.

Some other facts about wine

Alcohol intoxication is not the same for both man and woman. Women get intoxicated sooner than men.

Most people believe that wine produces heat in the body, but it is absolutely wrong that drinking alcohol reduces body temperature.

If wine is made from grapes, 600 grapes will be required to make one bottle of wine.

Every 10 seconds in the world, one person dies from alcohol consumption.

In a particular type of disease, Wineophobia, the person gets worried as soon as he sees alcohol and runs away from alcohol.

It is believed that women who like Redwine are sexier.

France has the highest production of alcohol in the world.

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