Top 10 Mind Blowing Facts About Ghost


let’s know some very amazing facts about ghosts.

Science is still doing research about what ghosts really are. But in all the religions of the world, ghost phantoms have been mentioned in different ways. Ghosts have also been mentioned in many of our mythological stories and legends. Albert Einstein, the great scientist of the world, also researched ghosts. He believed that every organism has the energy that never ends, only the body is destroyed.

Top 10 Mind-Blowing Facts About Ghost

1.According to beliefs, people whose Grah (planets) are weak mostly see ghosts. In addition, ghosts are more visible to children and animals. It is believed that the person who fears in his mind is more likely to see a ghost.

2. According to Hindu beliefs, people who have Rahu in a particular position in their horoscope are more likely to see ghosts. For example, Rahu is in the eighth or ascendant house and the other evil planets should be on him. Such people have more experience of ghosts.

3.According to Hindu beliefs, people whose desires are not fulfilled, if a person is hungry, thirsty, without money, deprived of sexual intercourse, then his soul wanders and he becomes a ghost.

facts about Ghost

4.Ghosts are mostly visible at night because ghosts are weakened by the sunlight during the day and the ghost gets strength, so most people have confirmed seeing the ghost at night itself.

5.What do you call a ghost? According to Ayurveda, there are 18 types of ghosts. Ghost is the earliest of these. There are other types of ghosts like Phantom, Pinchas, Kushmanda, Brahmarakshas, ​​Betal, Kshetrapal, etc.

6.It is believed that ghosts start moving things from here and there to make their presence felt. Often you have seen this in a horror film, when it is time for the ghost to come, the object starts to move on its own.

7.It is believed that there is also a group of evil spirits, a separate group of the powerful is a separate group of the common.

8.Most ghosts are drawn towards fragrant things like aromatic oils, perfume perfumes, etc. Ghosts are also very fond of sweet things.

9.By the way, people from every country and every religion have been told about ghosts. But most ghost sightings have occurred in China. According to research that was done on workers, 87 percent of Chinese employees have confirmed the appearance of ghosts.

10.You must have seen in books or movies that the practice of summoning ghosts is called planchet. This process of calling ghosts is done at night in which the English alphabet and the letters of mathematics are written upside down by placing a carrom board or paper on the glass. This method is performed differently in different countries.

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