Top Psychological Facts About Love


Here are the most interesting “Psychological Facts About Love

Love is considered to be the greatest wealth of the world. When you are in love, you like everything and feel a strange pleasure.
When you are with your partner, it seems like this is the time to stop. In love, a person easily tolerates the greatest trouble.
So let’s talk about some psychological facts about love.

Psychological Facts About Love

The Love words originate from the Sanskrit language “Lubhavati” which means desire.

According to research, the couple whose habits are very similar to each other, their relationship does not last long.

Whenever a person is in love, the effect of love is like a drug on his mind. When we are in love, the level of hormones like dopamine and serotonin increases in our body. These hormones have the same effect on our body as that of cocaine addicts.

When a person is in true love then the level of oxytocin in his body increases. This hormone is made more in women than men, so true love mostly happens for women.

According to research, when a person is feeling any kind of pain and is shown a photo of his partner, then the feeling of pain is reduced.

Psychological Facts About Love

According to psychological facts about love, love is like a chemical reaction and this reaction does not last for more than 1 year, ie most romantic relationships fade after 1 year.

If a person has bizarre disease hypopituitarism, he will never feel the feeling of love.

According to psychological facts, a man falls in love about 7 times on average before marriage.

According to research, most of the relationships that are formed by online dating do not reach marriage.

If you have a breakup in love, then it can be fatal for you. Because in such a situation a lot of stress hormones accumulate and in such a situation our heart can stop beating. Due to which the person may die.

Whenever we meet someone for the first time and it takes our mind about 4 minutes to determine whether we like him or her or not.

During engagement, the ring is worn in the third finger of our left hand, because it is the only finger from which the vein goes to our heart.

According to research, it has been found that women or girls cannot make eyes contact longer than the man they like more.

Whenever you fall in love, you are unable to focus on any work. That is, we can say that love reduces our focus on work.

When you love a particular person and when he comes in front of you, in such a situation, the pupil of our eye is spread about 45%.

In research, it has been found that the more people you talk to, the more likely you to fall in love with them. So whenever you talk to someone, talk with thought.

When you truly love someone and that particular person ignores you, then there is exactly the same reaction in the mind that happens immediately after the injury.

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