Types of IP address

ip address

If you are connected with technology then you must have heard about IP-address.
So let’s know what is an IP address and the types of IP address.

What is the IP address?

Just like every person in this world has some kind of address like in which country he lives or in which city or in which colony. Similarly, every smartphone or computer etc. electronic devices also have an address, which we call IP-address. That is, we can call IP-address as the address of a computer or smartphone device.

The IP address is a full-form Internet protocol. And each device has a unique IP address. Only one device can be connected to another device with the help of an IP address.

An IP address is a numerical value. When data is sent from one device to another in networking, the first IP-address is identified. After this, with the help of the router then the data is sent to an IP address.

IP address Version

An IP address is available in 2 versions.
IPv4 and IPv6


IPv4 was developed in 1983. It has a full address of 32 bits, which consists of 4 parts of eight bits each. Any number from zero to 255 can be used in each part.
For example, 145.100.852.122 is the correct IP address.

types of IP address


Only 32 bits are used in IPv4 so limited addresses can be created from this.
So, IPv6 was launched some time ago.
The entire address is 128 bits, which consists of 4 parts of 32 bits each. Too many IP addresses can be created with IPv6.

Types of IP address

There are mainly two types of IP addresses.
Public IP address
Private IP address

Public IP address

This IP address is provided by the Internet service provider company. This IP address is of two types.

Static ip address

This IP address cannot be changed. Such as the IP address of a website.

Dynamic IP address

This types of IP address is used for connection between two devices and this IP-address changes after some time.

Types of website’s IP addresses

If you run a website or visit a website, then you will know that there are two types of IP addresses of the website.

Shared IP address

In this type of IP address, many websites are run on the same server. Not all websites have a separate IP address, but the server has an IP address and all have to use the same IP-address there.

This type of IP address is used for web hosting. This type of hosting is called shared web hosting, which costs less. When you create your own website, you mostly use this type of web hosting.

Where a lot of websites are hosted on the same server. In this type of hosting, your website does not have a unique IP address, rather multiple websites use the IP address of the same server.

Dedicated IP Address

This is the IP address used to asign a particle website. In this, you do not have to share your IP address with other websites. But to get this type of hosting, you will have to spend more money.

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