Tyrannosaurus dinosaur 25 amazing facts


As soon as the dinosaur is named, photos of huge animals are automatically made within the mind. Why not, because Hollywood has grown up seeing this in movies. At the moment we provide you with details about this huge animal, about which not solely babies however huge men also need to know.

Tyrannosaurus dinosaur 25 amazing facts

Dinosaurs have been born 23 million years ago and the final dinosaur died 6.5 million years ago.


A person studying dinosaurs known as a ‘Paleontologist’.


Dinosaurs lived on Earth for around 15 million years. The human’s civilization is just 0.1% of it. The time interval when the dinosaurs have been on Earth known as the ‘Mesozoic period’. They were present in all three parts of this period: Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous.


It’s assumed that there have been about 2500 species of dinosaurs and some dinosaurs could fly.


The phrase ‘Dinosaur’ comes from Greek which means – horrible lizard. The term ‘dinosaur’ was firstly used in 1842 by Richard Owen, a British palaeontologist.


Dinosaurs couldn’t roar.



The remains of dinosaurs have additionally been discovered on the banks of the Narmada river in Gujarat, it’s about 7 crore years old.


There isn’t any firm proof for this, however, scientists say that dinosaurs lived for about 200 years.

Tyrannosaurus dinosaur 25 amazing facts

DNA can only live for two million years. So DNA testing of dinosaurs remains can’t be performed.


The skeleton of the biggest dinosaur found so far is 89 feet in size. It was named ‘Diplodocus’. It was found in the Wyoming city of America. The skeleton of the smallest dinosaur is just Four inches in size.

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Meat-eating dinosaurs are known as ‘theropods’. That means, ‘demonic clawed ones’. His hooves and nails have been sharp. Rather the claws and nails of the vegetarian dinosaurs weren’t sharp.


It’s a fun fact that regardless of the name of the movie ‘Jurassic Park’, a lot of the dinosaurs in it have been of the ‘Cretaceous’ period.


The bones of dinosaurs have been hollow, especially of carnivorous dinosaurs.


The biggest dinosaur eggs measurement was as huge as a basketball. The bigger the egg, the thicker its shell in order that the kid doesn’t come out. The smallest dinosaur egg discovered to date weighs 75 grams and three cm in measurement. Nobody is aware of which species this egg was.

Tyrannosaurus dinosaur 25 amazing facts

45 feet long and weighing 6350 kg, Tyrannosaurus rex was the biggest carnivorous dinosaur. His hind legs have been very huge however the subsequent limbs have been very small. That means, as large as right this moment’s males. Their tooth size was 10 inches together with the root. They might chew however didn’t chew the prey but have been swallowed upright.


A self-defence system was present in all dinosaurs. That means, that they had weapons to protect themselves. Like carnivorous tooth and nails have been long. The vegetarian had horns and huge claws. However, to date, nobody may know why dinosaurs had plates on their backs.


Most dinosaurs have been found with just one bone or one tooth.


In 2015, a 4-year-old child found a fossil of 100 million-year-old dinosaurs.



Dinosaurs used to swallow large pieces of stone. They used to help in the digestion of meals by staying on their abdomen.


Dinosaurs have been discovered on each continent including Antarctica. However, at that time the continents were close to one another.

Tyrannosaurus dinosaur 25 amazing facts

The tail of some dinosaurs was 45 meters long. This lengthy tail helped to create balance while running.


Villagers in Central China used dinosaur bones as drugs for a few years. They considered him to be the bones of the dragon. Some folks had gathered them and made the trade. One person named Zhang had collected 8,000 kg of bones.


The quickest dinosaurs were ‘Ornithomimus’. They might run at a speed of 70km / h. They seemed exactly just like the ostrich of today.


The sound of dinosaurs within the Jurassic Park movie is actually that of the turtles having sex.

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