Coronavirus Symptoms, Causes, Treatments


what is the Coronavirus

Coronavirus is the name that is nowadays prevalent in every news channel, every newspaper and every person’s tongue. After all, what is the Corona Virus and why its name is being discussed so much?

Origin of Coronavirus

Coronavirus first came into discussion in December 2019. A city in China named Wuhan. There is a meat market in this city. The meat of every type of animal is sold in this meat market.

According to the media, the virus has spread to the Chinese public from any animal in this meat market.

Because this virus originated from the city of Wuhan, this virus is also called a Wuhan virus.

According to scientists, the corona is not a single virus, but rather a whole group of viruses. This group also contains the SARS virus seen in 2002– 2003.

According to doctors, this virus is more dangerous than the SARS virus.

Coronavirus Comes from animals

Most cases of this virus have been seen in animals such as cats, bats and camels.

Some believe that bats are the source of these viruses. This virus has been transmitted from bats to snakes and the virus has spread from snakes to humans. But there is no clear opinion on any of these things.


In China, the virus is spreading very fast and so far many people have infected with it. And if the report is to be believed then more people may fall for it in the coming time.

Now slowly the virus is spreading to China’s neighbouring countries. Therefore, China’s neighbouring countries have come on high alert. This virus has become more dangerous because so far no medicine or any kind of injection has been found to treat it.

Coronavirus in India

If we talk about India, no one has been exposed to this virus in India so far. However, some suspected patients have been found in Jaipur and Bihar in which symptoms of coronavirus were seen. But after examination, these patients were found free from coronavirus.

Some Special Facts About Corona Virus

Coronavirus can cause problems in a person from cold to breathing problems.

According to doctors, this virus has never been seen before. Nor has any medicine or vaccine been made for this virus so far.

According to the World Health Organization, fever is a symptom of the virus, shortness of breath, cough, sore throat, etc.

About 18 years ago today, a virus named SARS virus was spread. Due to which, more than 700 people lost their lives. Coronavirus is also considered to be a similar type of virus. According to scientists, both the corona and SARS viruses are viruses of the same group.

Symptoms of coronavirus

♦Severe pain in the head

♦Cough and cold

♦Sore throat

♦mild fever

♦Feeling tired

♦Swelling of lungs

♦Pneumonia etc.

How to prevent coronavirus

  1.   Protect yourself from cold.
  2.   Cover your mouth and nose well while coughing and sneezing.
  3. If a person shows signs of coronavirus, then keep it at a reasonable distance.
  4.   Do not consume meat and eggs etc.
  5. If you have to consume it, then cook the meat and eggs well.
  6. Keep distance from animals as much as possible.


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